Effects of Female Hormones on Men

female hormones

There are many pros and cons related to hormone replacement therapy. If one takes male to female hormones pills, one will need to sacrifice many male characteristics in order to gain a few female features. Female hormones for men cause many significant changes in a man’s body. Their effect causes men to grow to female characteristics just like an adolescent girl during puberty. Let us have a look at some of the effects of female hormones on men.

Once estrogen in administered into a male body, it will lead to growth of breasts. The skin will become softer, smoother, may be acne free. One will develop softer feminine looks and lesser facial and body hair. However, there are a few other effects of female hormones on men.

One may find their testicle size shrinking. They may develop mood swings and lose interest in sex. The body fat starts developing like in a female body. The fats begin to get stored in the hips and thigh region instead of the stomach. The nipples will become painful and very sensitive. This happens as the hormones cause the nipples to become large, like in women. The nipples itch and any slight touch may cause extreme pain.

Progesterone levels in the body will cause the sperm count to go down to zero. The testicles reduce in size. Testosterone levels go down and this causes the testicles and sperm count to reduce. One may feel more hungry than usual and eat more. This may cause unexpected weight gain in men.

Other than these changes, estrogen side effects increase the risk of developing male breast cancer. Risk of liver cancer, gallbladder diseases and blood clots also increases. A few men develop depression as they undergo different physiological as well as psychological changes. Some get hot flashes and other symptoms experienced by a woman undergoing menopause. Most of these effects are reversible once the male to female hormones are stopped. However, enlargement of breasts, nipples, areola are irreversible and permanent.

One needs to weigh all the consequences and changes in lifestyle before trying out this therapy. Many transgenders have found male to female hormones to be the first step in their gender reassignment process.

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