MTF Hormone Replacement Therapy

MTF Hormone Replacement Therapy

MTF Hormone Replacement Therapy is an important procedure that helps in gender reassignment of a man into a woman. There are certain natural hormones that are specific to a woman’s body. These hormones affect her fertility, ability to reproduce and breast development. There is some amount of female hormones present in men too. But these hormones have very little to negligible effect on the male body. When a man is given female hormones, his body will undergo changes like an adolescent girl going through puberty.


Estrogen is the ‘female sex hormone’ that is taken by most of the transgender ‘male-to-female’ women. This hormone is produced by the ovaries in women and in very small quantity by the testes present in men. Estrogen helps in development of fuller lips, thinner facial skin, longer hair, and the body shape becomes full of curves as in a female body. This hormone as helps in development of the breast, broadening of the pelvis and increases the fat deposits around the hips. Men develop softer skin and develop more feminine looks. Estrogen also lowers testosterone levels in the body, thus, reducing masculine features and enhancing feminine characteristics.

There are two types of estrogen hormone available for MTF hormone replacement therapy. This includes synthetic estrogen and natural estrogen. The synthetic ones are cheaper than the natural hormones. In most cases, when used as female hormone therapy, one requires a doctor’s prescription. Formulations available include injectable, implanted, nasal, oral, gel, sub-lingual, spray and transdermal patch.


Another important male-to-female hormone is progesterone. Progesterone is secreted by the placenta and the corpus luteum. It prepares the body for pregnancy and helps maintain the pregnancy until childbirth. This hormone is very important as breast development is stimulated by estrogen, but full maturation takes place only if progesterone is present. Mammary glands develop in an individual, thus completing the male breast enlargement process. It also helps in improving skin elasticity and nerve tissue.

Progesterone is administered along with estrogen. This helps in reduction of the risk of fibrosis, cancer and cysts. Prescription progesterone hormones are based on chemicals that have progesterone-like actions. Formulations are available in form of sublingual, oral, gel and injections.

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